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About Azrieli – College of Engineering Jerusalem

Established in 1999, Azrieli – College of Engineering Jerusalem (originally called The Jerusalem College of Engineering) is a non-profit organization that is committed to creating well-educated and highly trained professionals in the field of engineering. The college offers four-year B.Sc. degrees in a number of engineering disciplines as well as a year-long pre-college academic preparatory program for students who wish to improve their grades in order to apply to the College.

The college was initially founded following a government decision in order to provide a solution for Jerusalem’s growing demand for human capital in the high-tech sector that was moving to the city at that time. Its mission included bolstering Jerusalem’s economy by enabling the growth and success of Israel’s knowledge-based and high-tech industries. The college has developed close contact with industry – Teva, NDS, AVX, Intel and many others – in order to provide its students with the training and tools necessary to succeed.

The college began with 72 students and 2 departments. Today, Azrieli – College of Engineering Jerusalem has grown to include a student body of 2,300, studying in 8 departments:

Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Software Engineering
Pharmaceutical Engineering (in cooperation with TEVA)
Advanced Materials Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering (Technion track)
Pre-Academic Preparatory Programs

The college plans to open graduate programs in several of its departments and will do so in the coming years.

In all its departments, our curriculum boasts a cutting-edge approach to provide a rich and varied education in technology. Our faculty provides each student every advantage possible to launch a promising career in engineering. Individual attention, a technologically-rich educational environment and a caring approach all contribute to the success of our students and graduates.

As the college continues to grow and develop, it is also increasing its collaborations with other institutes, partnering with leading names such as MIT, the Technion, Van Leer Ventures and Hadassah-University Medical Center.

We invite you to join us in our efforts to maintain our commitment to academic excellence and technologically advanced, comprehensive training, as we continue to provide our students with the finest opportunities.

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