Azrieli College of Engineering to Collaborate with University in the Czech Republic About Azrieli - College of Engineering Jerusalem

Azrieli College of Engineering to Collaborate with University in the Czech Republic

Cooperation agreement was signed between Azrieli College of Engineering and the Czech Technological University for academic collaboration and the establishment of a research and innovation center in Prague.

The PATRIC Prague Advanced Technology and Research Innovation Center will be established in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, as part of a special cooperation agreement signed between Azrieli College pf Engineering Jerusalem and the Czech Technological University, in collaboration with leading Czech company VDT Technology.

The cooperation agreement, which aims to establish an advanced center for technology, research and innovation in the Czech capital, is signed by college president Prof. Rosa Azhari and Czech University rector Dr. Petreczak and others.
The agreement will serve as a basis for academic cooperation and promotion of entrepreneurship activities by students and staff at both institutions, as well as a good basis for the business activities of students and lecturers, in cooperation with the business sector, to support the development of industry and science in the Czech Republic.
“As we saw at the Atobe technology accelerator at the college, the combination of engineering, innovation and entrepreneurship leverages the development of new technologies, and we are pleased to be partners in establishing a center for the encouragement of innovation in Prague based on the knowledge accumulated in the college over the past few years,” Azhari said. “The college recognizes the importance of entrepreneurship in the technological world and for the past five years has been running AtoBe – the successful accelerator.”

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