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Entrepreneurs Forum

The Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem Entrepreneurs Forum consists of college Alumni that have interest in entrepreneurship, many of who formed or are in the process of forming start-up companies. The Forum’s aim is much like the aim of the Alumni Association, of which it is part – networking, collaborating, attending lectures and workshops – but with specific focus on topics that are of interest to entrepreneurs, acquiring professional knowledge and tools beyond what can be made available in a student’s curriculum.

The Forum’s creation was initiated by Software Engineer Nachum Dimer, class of 2005, and facilitated by Danit Wexler, Director of the college’s Alumni Association and Career Guidance Office. The idea came to Nachum from his involvement in KI-TEC, an organization that promotes Israeli companies in Poland and is involved in entrepreneurship, in addition to the fact that “these types of forums are customary in colleges around the world,” says Nachum. “This group is a great resource for both students and alumni, and a means to networking in terms of business – alumni helping alumni.”

Nachum is the Managing Director of two small companies that he owns, the first of which is GAP, a revolutionary advertizing platform – an SaaS-based solution that leverages the power of internet and digital marketing services to the traditional advertizing. Nachum’s other company, TEST4LOAD, works in software load testing and performance optimization and has already grown to include an impressive clientele list among which are Israel Discount Bank, the Jerusalem Post, Amdocs, Maccabi Healthcare Services and Vodafone.

There have already been proven results from the Forum’s networking. After the first gathering, Yaniv Cohen, a Partner at Imagine 3D and Kfir Netanel, CEO of Nitzozot – events productions and management began cooperating. The collaboration between Nitzozot and Imagine 3D is centered around the concept of “the world of events moving to 3D.” All two-dimentional printing, such as posters, photo albums, inventions and more are being produced and printed as three dimentional, by Imagine 3D and being marketed by Nitzozot.

At the Forum’s last gathering, a guest speaker, arbitrator and Intellectual Property Attorney Ethel Chait Stein, spoke about the importance of intellectual property in the high-tech sector, sharing her 26 years of experience as an attorney in Israel and New York, specializing in Intellectual Property Rights, commercial law and entrepreneurship.

The college plans to open an incubator to encourage the development of innovative ideas into start ups with business potential.

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