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For the Sake of Jerusalem: How ACE Jerusalem is Building the City’s Future

Propelling students toward excellence and achievement

Many of ACE Jerusalem’s students hold immense scholastic potential but without financial help would otherwise be unable to finance their education. Although it’s the nation’s capital, Jerusalem is also one of Israel’s poorest cities, thus many of the city’s young people come from low socio-economic backgrounds and don’t see higher

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education as an option.

As a stimulant of change in Jerusalem, we recognize the importance of higher education in empowering young adults and closing socioeconomic gaps. Financial Aid Scholarships are therefore provided in order to ensure accessibility to higher education for talented students who are in need of financial assistance in order to enroll in the college and ensure their future success as engineers.

This is one way ACE Jerusalem is helping to strengthen the city of Jerusalem and its residents, by empowering its young people through knowledge, an effective tool for leveraging their potential toward academic excellence, a professional career, and self sufficiency.

Getting a Boost and Giving Back

The empowerment does not stop there. Student who receive financial aid scholarship commit to at least four weekly hours of community activity, be it mentoring youth, working with the elderly, or tutoring fellow college students in need of assistance. This means that as soon as students receive the support of a scholarship, they are simultaneously giving back to the community. Through this important element of the college, students become engineers, and they also become socially responsible citizens, able and willing to care for themselves as well as the community around them.

Serving the Local Industry and Securing Jerusalem as a Hub of Technology

Another way in which ACE Jerusalem works to upgrade Jerusalem and secure its future is through supporting the local high-tech industry. Jerusalem’s high-tech industry is one which is in desperate need of engineers. Rather than have engineers commute to Jerusalem from other parts of the country, ACE Jerusalem is training students, most of whom are from the region, to serve as quality engineers, feeding directly into the high-tech work force, thus encouraging and enabling these trained professionals to remain in the city, earn their living, raise their families, and build their homes in Jerusalem, contributing to the social, academic, and economic facets of the city.

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