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College President, Professor Rosa Azhari


Prof. Rosa Azhari
Prof. Rosa Azhari

Be the change you want to see in the world. –Mahatma Gandhi

The State of Israel is a leader in scientific and technological developments and creative and original innovations which influence everyone’s daily lives.

Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem was founded to train engineers who will integrate into the industry in Jerusalem and throughout Israel. With the engineering studies at Azrieli, the students acquire comprehensive theoretical knowledge which forms the engineering mindset and serves as the foundation for all kinds of professional engineering activity, together with practical lab experience and a final project. We place emphasis on current issues at the forefront of technology and customize courses to the industry needs.   The college’s collaboration with leading high-tech companies such as Intel, Teva, AVX, Micron, and others is reflected through learning tours and practical experience in the industry and through senior industry professionals serving as lecturers and instructors at the college.

The fast pace of innovation in the scientific and engineering world requires engineers to possess additional talents beyond knowledge, enabling them to remain up-to-date in their fields, to work well in teams, to manage projects, and to lead independent initiatives. The college’s programs combine various types of learning which strengthen these talents. The college cultivates excellence and runs an exclusive program for students of excellence, as well as an entrepreneurs’ club, open to students.

Alongside a range of engineering programs toward a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree, the college also offers a Masters of Science (M.Sc.) program in software engineering for those with a B.Sc. in the subject who wish to get further updated in development of their field and for further professional development. The courses in this program are formatted for students who are also employed.

The college is significantly involved within the Jerusalem community and is a partner in many social activities in the city, many in which our students take part. Our goal is to benefit the community and educate a generation of engineers who are connected to their community. One of the college’s aims is to enable students who come from varied backgrounds an opportunity to study engineering, and therefore we offer a variety of scholarships which expand the students’ possibilities to succeed in their engineering studies.

Engineering studies is your entry ticket into an environment of technological breakthroughs, where you can influence how the future will look for the entire population. Our programs are at a high academic level and challenging, but upon completion, you will possess the necessary tools as engineers of the future. The college faculty is professional, dedicated to instruction, and attentive to students’ needs.  Both the academic and administrative faculty are there to help students develop and successfully graduate.  The first step begins with a decision, the decision to study engineering at Azrieli.

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