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Advanced Materials Engineering

Materials Engineering is a multidisciplinary field that spans the physical, chemical, mechanical and environmental behavior of engineering materials, which may be metallic, ceramic, polymeric or a combination of them as a composite material. The wide variety of materials used in modern industry touch on almost all aspects of our lives: building materials in structures and vehicles, biomedical materials, electronic materials in high-tech industry and more. Over the last three decades, rapid development has occurred in the development of new processes and materials in advanced industries.

The Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem is one of only three institutions in Israel that grants recognized B.Sc. degrees in materials engineering (the only institute in Jerusalem). The college’s undergraduate program in Advanced Materials Engineering is designed to train students in the materials and processes fields, for the purpose of integrating them in high-tech and traditional technological industries or in materials research at advanced degree levels.

The undergraduate program includes theoretical studies in the relevant science and technology disciplines, as well as specialized studies such as materials used in microelectronics and electro-optical devices, nanostructured materials, and materials processing using novel methods. In addition, the program integrates technological experimentation in laboratories. During the last portion of their four-year course of study, students perform and submit a final project (often executed at an industrial plant), which provides them with practical, hands-on experience.

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