Civil and Environmental Engineering Academics

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Due to growing demand, Azrieli – College of Engineering Jerusalem has opened a Civil and Environmental Engineering Department – in cooperation with the Technion, Israel’s oldest and internationally renowned institute of science and technology.

A B.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, usually taught in full at the Technion, is also taught in part at Azrieli – College of Engineering Jerusalem. The first 2 years, out of 4, of this undergraduate degree are taught in Jerusalem by our professors. Students have the opportunity to either study it in full at the Technion in Haifa, or study their first two years in Jerusalem and then transfer to Haifa for the completion of their degree.

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering concerned with the design, content, construction and maintenance of structures and systems that serve industrial, individual and public needs. Civil engineers are likely to be dealing with skyscrapers, bridges, dams, roadways, buildings, water distribution systems, drainage facilities, and more.

Civil engineering encompasses several sub-disciplines, including structural engineering, construction engineering, transportation engineering, water resources engineering and environmental engineering.

Students who are interested in this highly innovative field require a strong background in physics, mathematics and chemistry, and must learn basic courses such as Introduction to engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, computer programming, systems analysis, engineering graphics and more, in order to maximize their potential in finding solutions and improvements in this field.

Azrieli – College of Engineering Jerusalem is the first and only college to be taking part in teaching a program that is part of an undergraduate degree given by the Technion, Israel’s leading institute of science and technology, located in the northern city of Haifa. The Technion shares our vision of combining academic excellence with preparing students to be integrated into the high-tech industry.

To date, this is the Technion’s only undergraduate program taught outside of its campus. Providing this program at our college gives our students a broader range of options and provides new students with the option of studying in Jerusalem for half of the duration of their studies.

For more information or to register for classes, please contact the Student Registration and Advisement Center by email at or by phone at +972 2 658 8087.

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