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Dean of Students

The Dean of Students is the central authority at the College responsible for student welfare, both for individuals and for the entire student community on campus, while maintaining a close connection with academic and administrative bodies of the College and the Student Council.

The Dean of Students handles the following issues:

Student scholarships: Economic assistance scholarships and scholarships for academic excellence

Reserve Army Duty Coordinating Committee: Handling of deferrals, shortening or cancellation of reserve service for students during the academic year.

Test Bank: The Test Bank constitutes a reservoir of tests in which students can find sample tests in order to become familiar with the nature of tests and type of questions, and to improve their chances for testing success.  The Test Bank has been allocated a special site on the College’s internal communications network.

Student Counseling Services: The Student Counseling Services provide mental health support and consulting for students in distress in areas such as personal counseling, family matters, crisis counseling, professional guidance, testing anxiety, improvement in study ability, contending with learning disabilities and other areas.  The referral to receive assistance is by personal initiative of the applicant.  Information received is kept in strict confidence; its contents are not transmitted to pedagogical authorities at the College or to any other authority outside the College other than on the basis of a written request and/or waiver of confidentiality by the student.

Support Center for Learning Disabilities: This service handles and provides services for students having special needs such as learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia) or physical or medical disabilities.   This assistance includes, among other things, mentors and copy cards.

Students with personal problems: The handling of inquiries by students having special personal problems that impact their functioning from the academic standpoint during the academic year; this care is performed in coordination with the College’s Curriculum Committee.

Student inquiries and ideas: Compiles inquiries and ideas from students.

Student Ombudsman: The Ombudsman for students at the College is the Dean of Students.

Culture and sport:  There is a subscription service with the Cosell Sports Center at the Givat Ram campus and with the Lerner Center of Hebrew University on Mount Scopus.  Other sports activities take place at the sports and cultural center of the Ziv School near the College campus.

A subscription arrangement also exists with the Jerusalem Theater.

The Dean of Students is responsible for ceremonies taking place at the College in cooperation with the students’ entertainment team comprised of students from the College.

Cafeteria: A cafeteria is operated until 7 PM each day on the College campus for benefit of students.

Student Council: The Student Council is the body that represents students at the College before the College administration regarding academic and other issues.  The Student Council operates in cooperation with the Dean of Students.  The Council determines the testing schedule in cooperation with the Academic Administration.  The Student Council is comprised of voluntary representatives from all of the College’s departments.  These representatives are elected at the start of the academic year subject to the Student Council’s election by-laws.  The Council has a Chairman who ordinates its activities.  The Council Chairman or his/her deputy, participate regularly in meetings of the Curriculum Committee and brings the students’ position to the attention of the Committee on relevant issues.  The Student Council representative has a voting right in this committee on all issues other than personal issues.

Detailed information regarding activities of the Dean of Students is published on the College’s Hebrew web site and on the Dean of Student’s bulletin board.

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