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Industrial Engineering

Combining theoretical and practical studies in engineering, computerization and management, Industrial Engineering has grown to encompass many industries and services as today’s industrial engineers characterize, analyze, develop and operate complex systems that include human and computer resources. Industrial Engineering is used in many walks of life such as shortening lines (queues) or streamlining services in banks and hospitals.

Students in this department learn the basic sciences, mathematical studies and mathematical thinking. Engineering fundamentals are studied as well, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics. Probability, Statistics and Psychology are taught along with Quality Assurance and Control, Organizational Behavior and Project Management.

After the first two years of undergraduate study, students choose to specialize in one of two tracks: Information Systems or Operations Management. These are two fields are both in increasingly high demand.

Track 1 – Information Systems
In the Information Systems track, students study the development, analysis and design of information systems, software, databases and data storage, data mining and man-computer interface.

Track 2 – Operations Management
Specializing in Operations Management, students choosing this track learn to contend with complex systems and obtain knowledge in organizational structures, the analysis of events, logistics and product lifecycle.

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