M.Sc. in Software Engineering Academics

M.Sc. in Software Engineering

The graduate program in Software Engineering is focused on strengthening the knowledge base of core topics in the field of software engineering, alongside application of the knowledge and research within the engineer’s work. The degree enriches the practical experience of engineers in the industry and provides an advantage to graduates in establishing new initiatives, in management, and in integrating into senior positions within the industry.

The program is intended for those with a B. Sc. in Software Engineering, Information Systems, or Computer Science. Through the program, students will facilitate a final project, either practical or research-based, without a thesis. Within the practical project, students will be required to use up to date scientific research information toward a solution to a current engineering challenge. The research project will require students to develop theoretical and practical tools to solve forecasted challenges of Software Engineering research.

The program provides students with the tools and skills to lead and manage major software projects as well as to facilitate scientific research in Software Engineering.

Program Structure

The program in comprised of ten courses of three academic credits each, as well as a final project. The courses include the following topics: software development methodologies, approaches to securing and testing software, resource management and time frames of software projects, leading software development teams, decentralized systems, data mining, parallel algorithms, internet marketing, and others.

The purpose of the program is to deepen and expand knowledge and to expose students to the most advanced research in the field of software engineering.

The courses are scheduled for two afternoons per week throughout two years.

Excellence scholarships are offered to those who meet the criteria.

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