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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering studies toward a B.Sc. trains the graduates to deal with development, manufacturing planning, and inspection of mechanical systems through acquisition of knowledge and tools based on classical and modern engineering methodologies.
The modernized technological industry focuses on the development and manufacturing of products which require knowledge and understanding of several disciplines. As a result, there is a growing need for engineers who possess multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities.

Mechanical Engineer

Employment options for mechanical engineers.
Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering Department will be able to join the industry in its classical subjects as well as in the high-tech industry. They will be able to work in development, design, manufacturing and project management and consulting. A mechanical engineer with a specialization in micro systems will integrate into the leading industries, such as mechanics, electricity, and advanced manufacturing technology with a wide range of applications: military systems, medical systems, entertainment electronics, production industry, and more.
Graduates of the mechanical engineering program will serve as mechanical engineers with training and knowledge in micro systems. They will work in the fields that contain the combination of electronics and mechanics of sophisticated micro-electro-mechanic systems. These systems are required to improve components and lower the production costs in defense, medical, communication and transportation systems.

Mechanical Engineering Course of Study

Mechanical engineering studies spreads over four years and include basic science studies, such as classic mechanical engineering studies, mathematics, physics and chemistry, and applied engineering studies from a range of fields, such as robotics, mechanical micro systems, power and heat systems, air conditioning, internal combustion engines, and others. Within the first two years, the basic subjects of science and classic topics of mechanical engineering are learned. Following the first two years, the program advances into the core topics of the department, namely, Energy and Fluid mechanics, Strength of materials and micro-systems.
Students in the mechanical engineering department prepare a final project in cooperation with the industry throughout their final year of study. The projects are mentored by senior faculty at the college and engineers from the industry.
The projects objectives are threefold: 1) integrating the theory with practice
2) Build up contacts with Industry and 3) Training the projects management and technological methodologies such as DFMA, DTC, PIT and NPI.
Upon completion of studies, the student acquires an academic degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering – Mechanics Engineer.
Receipt of the degree is in accordance with the Council of Higher Education.

Uniqueness of the Mechanical Engineering Department

The Mechanical Engineering Department prepares its student for the high-tech industry.
The program that includes specialization in micro-electro-mechanical systems enables the bachelors to join programs that consist of multi-disciplinary topics. Their knowledge in MEMS may be materialized in bigger mechanical, energy and bio-engineering systems.
It is the only academic Mechanical Engineering Department in Jerusalem and its neighborhood. The objectives of the department, cooperating with other academic Institutions and with the industry are well met by many years of academic and industrial experience of the staff.

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