Appeal of Test Scores Academics

Appeal of Test Scores

1.   Students are entitled to appeal test scores.

2.  Times for review of booklets will be published next to the publication of the testing dates.

3.  One appeal date only will be determined for each test.  Appeals may not be filed for a date that is not compatible with the timetable determined for each test.

4.  In extremely rare circumstances, as for example reserve service or hospitalization, a request for an appeal not on the date determined can be filed with the Academic Administration through the portal.

5.  The appeal will be made in the presence of the course lecturer and/or instructor.

6.  During the appeal, a dialogue cannot be conducted with the lecturer regarding the components of the score, the final test grade, etc. The student may state his claims on the Appeals Form without any discussion with the instructor.  The lecturer’s decision will be forwarded to the student by the Academic Administration.

7.  It is absolutely forbidden to take out the answer sheet or the test booklet during the appeal.

8.  The instructions of the lecturer must be heeded during the appeal.

9.  Examinees are forbidden to speak among themselves or to transfer material of any kind between one another.

10. A test that has been executed in pencil cannot be appealed.

11. If the lecturer has reviewed the test and, as a result, has changed the student’s score, this new grade will constitute the final grade of the student in the test (even if it is less than the prior score).  The course lecturer is also entitled to review questions about which an appeal has not been filed and to lower or raise the test score accordingly.

12. The lecturer’s decision will be transmitted to the student body Academic Administration within two weeks following filing of the appeal.  The response will be transmitted through the Information Station.

13. After receiving a negative response on the appeal, the student is entitled in unusual circumstances to appeal to the Curriculum Committee.

14. Up to two appeals may be filed with the Curriculum Committee for appeals that have been rejected each academic year.

15. The Curriculum Committee is entitled to revoke the option for appeal of a test if the grade is given by more than one examiner.

16. A test that has been held in a multiple-choice format will have one review date set for the purpose of reviewing the test/answer sheet.  At that time, it will only be possible to check the manner of counting the scoring and determining the grade.  An appeal regarding the manner of response will not be accepted.

17. No right of appeal exists for an oral test score that has been held in the presence of more than one examiner.

18. [For] a lesson that is a seminar and [for which] the examiner is the lecturer only, appeals of a grade will be made in writing to the lecturer responsible for the seminar.

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