Graduation Academics


Description of the process:

  1. The student is summoned to a meeting for the purpose of completing the graduation process. Responsibility for coordinating the meeting is that of the student but he will be called only after the last grade has been received (including the final project grade).
  2. As part of the meeting process, the student will perform a review with the various departments: Library, Operations & Purchasing Department, Dean of Students, and the Information Systems Department regarding the absence of obligations. From this stage forward, services cannot be received from the College, including the taking out of books and the use of electronic mail. It is important to return the student card to the Operations & Purchasing Department as part of this specified process.
  3. The Academic Administration will perform a review with the Tuition Department regarding the settlement of tuition payments.
  4. Please note that a Certificate of Eligibility will be issued approximately two weeks after holding of the meeting on the assumption that the required processes vis-?-vis the various departments has completed.


Detail of the process:

  1. Certification of eligibility for the degree will be provided to a student who has completed all his obligations toward the degree, including a passing grade in all required courses, an average grade of 65 and greater and completion of English requirements to the exempt level.
  2. An application for a Certificate of Eligibility can be submitted at any stage. A student who submits an application by November 1 will be included in the commencement ceremony for that same year.
  3. The degree completion process can be completed after receiving the last grade and not later than the conclusion of one year from the date of completing the last obligation. Please review the financial procedures carefully related to the failure to complete the degree as detailed in the tuition booklet.
  4. The meeting will include the following elements: a review of the study program, a review of the transcript, determination of excess courses and signing by the student on an Application for Eligibility form.
  5. At the time of the meeting, students are entitled to request in writing that a course be defined as an excess course subject to the following conditions: the excess course is not a required course and that the total credit points that have been accumulated by the student after subtracting the credit points from excess courses complies with the number of credit points required for graduating.
  6. At the conclusion of the academic review performed at the meeting, the student will be requested to have the following departments sign [a form indicating an absence of further obligations]: Library, Operations & Purchasing Department, Dean of Students and the Information Systems Department.
  7. Upon completion of the process detailed in Item 6 above, the Graduation Department will transmit the application for graduation to the Tuition Department. Issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility is dependent on certification by the Tuition Department regarding the execution of required tuition payments during the studies for the degree.
  8. Upon receiving the Certificate of Eligibility, the department with which the student studied will indicate the final grade and the date of eligibility for the degree.
  9. The date of eligibility for the degree (the date of issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility) will be the date of completion of the process specified in Items 6 and 7 above.
  10. The Certificate of Eligibility for the degree will be sent to the student in accordance with the address noted in the application form for Certificate of Eligibility in two copies together with two copies of the transcript.
  11. A final grade for the degree will be determined for each student at the College on the basis of a weighted average of grades in the study professions included in the department’s study program.
  12. For the purpose of calculating the grade point average for the degree, courses that the student has taken will be taken into consideration, including courses that were studied beyond that required in the study program, unless the student has requested that excess courses be determined that will not be included in the calculation of the grade point average.
  13. The final grade for the degree will be calculated at the level of precision of hundredths of points.
  14. A grade cannot be improved after receiving the Certificate of Eligibility for the degree.
  15. The final ranking of the student will be determined based on his/her relative place among those graduating from the department in that same class (on the condition that the grade will not be lower than the threshold determined for each level), as detailed below:


Minimum grade threshold Percentage Final Level
95 Top 5% Summa Cum Laude
90 Next 15% Cum Laude
80 Successful
65 Passing


Diplomas will be granted to eligible students at a commencement ceremony on a date as will be publicized.

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