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Other Academic Procedures

Transition from one academic year to the next

A condition for the transition from year to year is an acceptable academic status, i.e.:

1. A passing grade for each course: For credit courses, a passing grade is 55 or more. For non-credit courses, a passing grade is 70 or more.

2. Annual grade point average of at least 65: Non-credit courses are included in the grade point average.

A student whose academic status is unacceptable will learn in a special study program during the next academic year that will be determined by the head of the department and approved by the Chairman of the Curriculum Committee. This special study program will include all the courses in which the student failed and a list of courses that the student is entitled to take during the next academic year. The student is entitled to only take courses in the next academic year for which he/she complies with their prerequisites.

  • A student that has failed courses in any given year will be obligated to complete them in the following year.
  • The maximum number of credits that can be studied in a year is 55.
  • A prerequisite for the final project is the completion of all required courses in the third year.


Rules regarding retaking of courses

1. The retaking of a course mandates the repeating of all course requirements. Any relief from any of the course requirements are at the discretion of the lecturer in coordination with the head of the department.

2. Courses may be repeated one time only.

3. The repeating of a course requires re-payment.

4. The last course grade is the determining grade.

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