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Software Engineering

Like any engineering field worthy of the name, software engineering is built on a mathematical scientific basis – drawn primarily from the computer sciences – with a systems approach. Software systems are comprised of sub-components, which are themselves comprised of simpler software elements. As with any engineering, “software tools” are used to develop the system.

Software engineering is more challenging than any other engineering field. Continuous development, the expansion of fields of application and the thirst for new theoretical developments – as has actually occurred over the last several years – all these are a magnet for skilled students, who as engineers will lead this profession at the forefront of research, development and industry.

The Software Engineer

As stated, software engineering is an innovative profession that has developed quickly and has a promising future for many years to come. Almost all activities in modern society, without exception – banking, medicine, aviation, energy, communications and electronics – are today software-based. The development and design of advanced software systems in the high-tech field is the specialty of the software engineer.

Program of studies in the Software Engineering Department

A student who wants to become a software engineer studies the basic subjects of mathematics and computer science at the same level as studied for a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences. In addition, he obtains a systematic grasp of professions with an engineering character such as communications and signal and picture processing, and also studies the design of software systems through their practical development. The study program also includes courses that train the engineer in managing software development teams – courses such as economics and business management. At the conclusion of his studies, the student obtains a bachelor of sciences degree (B. Sc. in Software Engineering) and becomes a software engineer.

The study program in software engineering (see the detail) – as is customary in institutions of higher learning in engineering – is for four years. The scope and complexity of the software systems that the student will program, analyze and develop by himself and with his team, are growing each year. The climax comes with the final project in the fourth year, which prepares students for successful integration into the high-tech market. The project is performed at an industrial plant under the personal guidance of an academic staff member from the College. The project integrates into the development team of the plant and provides for its real needs under the guidance of the project head at the plant itself. This is an excellent opportunity for the student to gain experience and to grow professionally.

Examples of companies at which final projects are prepared are well-established firms such as Intel, Israel Aircraft Industries and NDS, as well as startup companies at the beginning stages of their development or after their first stage of establishment.

Most of our graduates have become integrated into well-known high-tech firms or have continued with their studies in master’s degrees in engineering, computer sciences and business management at various universities in Israel.

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