Acceptance Criteria & Registration Acceptance Criteria & Registration

Acceptance Criteria & Registration

An application kit can be sent at no charge to applicants. To receive a kit, contact the College’s Center for Registration and Guidance by completing the online form through “contact us” at or by telephone at 02-658-8087 or via email to, including the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Mailing address
  • Mobile telephone number

Confirmation of Registration

Upon submission of application to the college through the center for registration and guidance, all applicant details are entered into the registration system, including matriculation and psychometric exam scores, English level, preference of Engineering department, etc.

Simultaneously, a confirmation of registration will be sent to the applicant. Upon receipt of this confirmation, the applicant must confirm that all details are correct and notify the center for registration and guidance of any corrections.

Selection of Applicants

The Center of Registration and Guidance reviews all applications.

Stage 1

Applicants who meet the acceptance criteria for specific engineering departments are automatically accepted to that department.

This automatic acceptance to the department does not indicate automatic acceptance to other academic departments of the college. Eligibility for acceptance to each department is evaluated separately.
Stage 2

The applications of applicants who do not meet the criteria of the departments they have requested are transferred to the college’s acceptance committee, which considers acceptance of the applicant to the department he or she has requested as first choice, as well as to the departments the applicant has listed as second and third choices.

Stage 3

At the completion of the review, an answer is sent to the applicant as to his or her full acceptance, conditional acceptance and the relevant conditions, recommendation for enrollment in a pre-academic preparatory program, or rejection.

An Applicant who has been accepted and is interested in changing his or her preferences of engineering department must update the center for registration and guidance in writing, and the request will be sent to the acceptance committee an additional time if needed.

Withdrawal of Application

Applicants interested in withdrawing their application must inform the center for registration and guidance in writing. Application fees are non-refundable.

Acceptance to an Engineering Department

Acceptance decisions are made in two ways:

  1. Automatic acceptance in accordance with meeting criteria published in college materials and on its website. The criteria are updated annually and are subject to change.
  2. Request by applicant who does not meet the automatic acceptance criteria is transferred to the acceptance committee.

The acceptance committee may make the following decisions:

  1. Full acceptance of the applicant
  2. Conditional acceptance of the applicant as indicated in the acceptance letter
  3. Awaiting the scores from additional exams the applicant must take (external matriculation exams, psychometric exam scores, and others)
  4. Recommendation to the applicant to study at the college in a pre-academic preparatory program specifically developed for the study of engineering

Each applicant receives a letter indication the committee’s decision.

Implementation of Acceptance

Applicants accepted to the college will receive notification and a voucher for first payment: a deposit for tuition. Payment of deposit serves as confirmation by the applicant of intent to enroll at the college and secures a place for the student in the department to which he or she has been accepted.

Applicants who have been accepted on condition of passing preparatory courses in mathematics or physics shall make a payment for the preparatory courses and a deposit for tuition in order to secure a place at the college. Applicants who were conditionally accepted and have not met the conditions and who will therefore not be commencing their studies at the college will be refunded their deposit for tuition. Failure to pay the deposit may result in cancellation of acceptance to the department and transfer of the applicant’s place to another student. Students who have requested scholarship assistance or loans from the student aid department shall also pay the deposit regardless of receipt of financial aid. Students will receive a refund if their account shows a credit.

Changing department preference

Applicants who have paid the deposit have their place secured in the department to which they have been accepted.  Applicants who have been accepted to another department listed as their second or third choice and who have paid the deposit will be registered in the department listed as their highest preference after first choice.

Applicants who have been accepted to more than one department and wish to change their department preference shall indicate on their deposit voucher the name of the department in which they would like to study.

The applicant must inform the center for registrations and guidance in writing of any changes in preference.

Cancellation- Preparatory Courses

Cancellation policy for all preparatory courses, which include mathematics, physics, programming, and chemistry

  1. Students who wish to cancel their registration in preparatory course until two weeks prior to the start date of the course are eligible to receive a full refund of payment.
  2. Students who cancel registration within two weeks from the course start date or until one week after the course start date are eligible to receive a 50% refund of payment.
  3. Students who cancel registration after the first week of the course are not eligible for a refund.

Notice of cancellation of registration for preparatory courses must be submitted in writing and via registered mail or personally delivered by the applicant or by a representative who has power of attorney. Submission of notice in any other way will not be considered as official notice.


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