Asaf Ginsburg Asaf Ginsburg

Asaf Ginsburg

The personal and focused attention to every student at the college at its very beginning and as the student body continued to grow, as well as its support system of scholarships, for which it raises needed funds, has significantly contributed to my education and future. In fact, the college’s rapid transition into a recognized academic institution which bestows academic degrees testifies to the strong intention of its faculty and administration to succeed, to advance, and to serve as a leading institution of engineering in the country.

I did my final project at Interlligent, which focuses on RF and Microwave solutions. The goal of my project was to develop an idea that would enable linear measurement of an amplifier through a single tone as opposed to the standard procedure, which is more involved. Application of the idea and future development of it will enable the engineer to conduct linear checks in a much simpler and productive way.

Today I work at NDS, which is located at Har Hotzvim in Jerusalem. The company develops smart cards which enables platforms for interactive television and television broadcast through internet protocols. At the company, I serve as the manager of a group of system engineers whose job it is to support and assist the entire research and development unit of the company. As part of our responsibilities, we must establish and maintain materials and software systems which are compatible with existing systems of television broadcasters in Israel and many other countries throughout the world.

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