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About Us

Welcome to the Azrieli College of Engineering AtoBe Entrepreneur’s Center!
Here you will find home to your ideas and entrepreneurial initiatives. At our center you will acquire tools that will teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed in becoming a start up owner or entrepreneur.

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Our Mission Statement

We strive to give you the best. A promising combination of Academia and Entrepreneurship will allow you to take your idea from point A to point Be and engineer your aspirations into concrete start up companies.


AtoBe, Azrieli Academic College of Engineering’s startup accelerator, gives you the chance of a lifetime to engineer your dream into reality and build your own startup company with our help.


At the Azrieli College of Engineering, AtoBe has a new office built for startups. We are the only college and accelerator in Jerusalem that focuses 100% on engineering and technology. Here you will have the chance to work in an amazing workspace with a fun startup atmosphere.



We provide selected entrepreneurs with the following:

  • A 6-month unique program with free academic mentorship, lab support, and more.
  • An amazing start up office within the college, designed to help you- along the way, from point A to B!
  • Assistance from our top- notch partners who specialize in start up companies, world- class mentor networking with world-class mentors, advisors, and most importantly, investors.
  • We will enable you to reach your project’s full potential in a timely and professional manner. And best of all, your success is ours!


We seek enthusiastic entrepreneur teams working on a great idea for a startup company in the field of Engineering and Technology that are in need of an extra push to excel.


Registration for AtoBe’s round 5 is now open through October 28, 2018 – click here for the registration form

The Azrieli College of Engineering Startup Accelerator

We stimulate, encourage, and spark the creativity of entrepreneurs from all over Jerusalem and encourage them to develop their own dream startups.

We provide the ecosystem for technological entrepreneurship, with our extremely practical approach to engineering, which is at the very heart of our college.

We know that entrepreneurs need more than just their good idea. They need guidance, knowledge, and support in bringing their idea from a concept to a real and thriving business. Additionally, they require the physical space and resources to research, develop, and prepare their product for the real world. At AtoBe, we guide our best and brightest students, graduates, and entrepreneurs from all over Jerusalem toward realizing their dreams.

The accelerator cultivates entrepreneurs, providing the training and tools necessary to facilitate innovation by combining technological know-how with entrepreneurial spirit. This helps to propel entrepreneurs forward and to bring their ideas to fruition. It enables Jerusalem’s prosperity, growing the number of startups launched from Jerusalem and positioning the city as a hub of technology and excellence.

The components of the six-month accelerator program include all the physical elements for developing tech companies, including labs, office space, equipment, meeting rooms, communication systems, etc. Additionally, each team is provided with mentors from various sectors including technology, business, and law. Through lectures, pitching practice, and group discussions, the mentors help prepare the teams for interaction with potential investors, regulators, and anyone else they may encounter along the way.

What makes our program unique is that our accelerator is the only one in Jerusalem that focuses solely on technology and provides access to lab testing and current technological equipment.

Intended participants: For each 6-month cycle, up to 8 teams of 2-4 entrepreneurs will be accepted.

We are very excited about our accelerator, as are our entrepreneur teams, our partners, investors, and supporters.

Keep in touch for further information regarding the registration process.

Looking forward to helping you realize your dreams,

Michael Mizrahi
Director, Azrieli College of Engineering Startups Accelerator

AtoBe Startup Accelerator round # 5  is now open for Registration!

APPLY HERE   Sign up is open until October 28, 2018


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