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Honorary Fellows

Azrieli – College of Engineering Jerusalem’s Honorary Fellows consist of exceptional individuals and organizations who have contributed to the College since its inception. These individuals and organizations are dedicated to furthering higher education and technology in Israel and providing educational opportunities to those who are underprivileged.

With the help of their vision and determination, the Jerusalem College of Engineering has become the academic institute it is today – committed to creating highly trained professionals in the field of engineering, providing a solution for meeting the high demand for human resources in this industry in order to enable the growth and success of these knowledge-based and high-tech industries in Jerusalem.


Honorary Fellows of 2011:

  • Professor Menachem Magidor – former President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (View Certificate)
  • Elie Elalouf – Executive Vice President and General Director of the Rashi Foundation (View Certificate)


Honorary Fellow of 2010:

  • Prof. Michael Oser Rabin – Award-winning Mathematician and Computer Scientist (View Certificate)


Honorary Fellows of 2009:

JCE’s 10th anniversary celebration, on June 18th, 2009, marked the announcement of JCE’s first 10 honorary fellows:


  • Prof. Yehudith Birk – JCE Honorary President; and 1998 Israel Prize laureate for agricultural research (View Certificate)
  • Dr. Joseph Ciechanover – President, Etgar Foundation (View Certificate)
  • Arie Levin – Chair, JCE Executive Committee; General Manager, AVX Israel Ltd. (View Certificate)
  • Ehud Olmert – Israel’s 12th Prime Minister (View Certificate)


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