Hidabrut - Dialogue Program for Arab & Jewish Students Hidabrut - Dialogue Program for Arab & Jewish Students

Hidabrut – Dialogue Program for Arab & Jewish Students

Hidabrut is the Hebrew word for dialogue, and this program enables precisely that- a healthy exchange and conversation between Arab and Jewish students at Azrieli College. As the college provides equal opportunity to excellence, Hidabrut provides a space for fellow students who live and study within the ecosystem of higher education and technology in Jerusalem to better understand one another and thrive together as engineers in training.

Program Goals:

  • Developing a multi-cultural forum of expression between students at the college
  • Enabling the acquisition of knowledge and tools for life and work in a multi-cultural environment
  • Opening communication channels and improving relationships between the college’s Arab and Jewish students

Program rationale: The program is built upon the values of tolerance, community involvement, social responsibility, and mutual respect with the aim to bridge gaps between the various groups of the student body. We hope program participants, as those who will stand at important crossroads in industry, will utilize the skills of constructive dialogue with the other. Additionally, the program creates personal interaction between Arabs and Jews through dialogue, bringing a mutual understanding and familiarity with the cultures, expressions, values, and views of one another.

How the program works: Students meet at the college for weekly workshops of three academic hours each. The series of fourteen meetings, together with experiential activities, uses a variety of workshop methods and meaningful reflective experiences. In addition to meetings at the college, there is also a touring day. Program topics focus on team building, introduction to multi-cultural dialogue, personal and cultural identity through photography, cultural conflict resolution through drama, multi-cultural crafts, and Jerusalem as a microcosm. Each participant receives a 3,000 ILS tuition scholarship. 30 students, both Arabs and Jews, participate in the program and are divided into two learning groups. Each group has two moderators, one Arab and one Jewish. Thus far, 116 students have participated in the program since it began.

Program Partners: Group moderators are provided by the Mabat organization, which partially subsidizes this cost. Israel’s Council for Higher Education also contributes toward the the program. Partner contribution rates are not confirmed and vary from year to year.

Moving forward: We strive to ensure the program’s continuation and to expand it to include a practical component. Participants currently partake in a one-semester theoretical program. We would wish to extend the program to eighteen weekly meetings throughout the year and adding a fieldwork component, taking place within community organizations or at the college, forming a group that creates change among our students.

There are a number of options for supporting the program and ensuring its continuation and expansion, as well as naming the entire program. Tax-deductible donations can be made in Israel and abroad.

For more information or to learn about additional departments and projects, please contact Judi Srebro at judisr@jce.ac.il or +972 54 768 1776.

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