Inna Kanevsky Inna Kanevsky

Inna Kanevsky

I began my studies toward my first degree at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in a joint program in exact sciences, (Physics and Chemistry) and I quickly realized that I have the capability and motivation for research work. Unfortunately, financial factors kept me from continuing my studies at the university, and ACE Jerusalem, thanks to a special scholarship, offered me an alternative framework in which to complete my first degree. This was a critical step in order to begin my research career.

Today, I am studying in the express track for my doctorate in Advanced Materials at the Weizmann Institute of Science in online casino Rehovot. At the Institute, there are many students from various research institutes in Israel and abroad, and compared to them, I can attest to the fact that studying at ACE Jerusalem provides more broad, varied, and up-to-date knowledge than most of the other institutions. This knowledge gives me an important advantage in the courses at the Institute and in my work as a researcher.

My ACE Jerusalem final project was also done at the Weizmann Institute in the Materials Department and under the guidance of Professor Daniel Wagner. The project focused on researching mechanical elements of nano-pipes, which is a new form of solid material recently discovered. The unconventional elements of this group of materials enables the building of complex materials with engineering elements which are much more advanced than the current materials used today. Since this discovery is very recent, there is a need for thorough research of these elements in order to quickly enable the efficient application for industrial purposes.

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