Ira Gumershtat Ira Gumershtat

Ira Gumershtat

Immediately after I completed my military service, it was clear to me that a degree and career was much more important to me than taking a vacation and having fun after the army. As such, two weeks after my military service ended, I registered for studies at Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem, in the industrial engineering and management department. Over my senior year, I did my final project on the topic of iso9001, authorization and implementation within an ultrasound clinic.

The experimentation throughout the project provided me with knowledge and understanding which has served me well along my professional journey. The project also opened me up to the world of industrial engineering and management and a range of areas for employment in the future. A number of months after receiving my degree I was hired at Biometrix as a product manager, and several months after that, I was promoted to position of project manager for new products. I believe that it’s most important to know who you are and what your knowledge is really worth. It’s important to know how to put yourself out into the atmosphere and to prove that you have much more than your degree, and that it’s worth investing in you.

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