Shay Weil Shay Weil

Shay Weil

My name is Shay Weil, and I am a graduate of the second class of the Advanced Materials Engineering Department at ACE Jerusalem. Today, I am a senior engineer in the R & D group for internet and wireless products and the development center of Intel. In my work, I have had the opportunity to interview many students of Advanced Materials engineering from various institutions of higher education, and I have hired many of them.

As such, I will begin by stating unequivocally that students who have successfully completed their studies at Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem receive all the knowledge and tools needed in order to integrate well into all the existing fields of engineering at Intel. I cannot think of one Intel department whose recruitment standards are above that of the knowledge students acquire at ACE Jerusalem.

To the contrary, because of my personal acquaintance with a number of ACE Jerusalem alumni who work at Intel today, I can attest to the success of the alumni and their excellent integration. This observation is based on empirical evidence and not on a gut feeling and is therefore unequivocal. I and others from my class within the then-new college were plagued with questions as to whether or not we would find employment in our field, as well as if our degrees were just as respectable as those from other institutions. I am sure that the academic level at ACE Jerusalem is in fact very high.

The instructors and their focused referrals to the right literature save a lot of time for the college’s students and provide them with a significant advantage. There is no doubt that the proof rests on the shoulders of the students who come to interview for work at Intel.

Looking back, I can confidently say that I am happy with my choice to study at ACE Jerusalem, and that it gave me an advantage at my work at Intel and enabled me to advance.

The students who take advantage of their instructors and their talents will be able to ready themselves fully for the industry, and to successfully integrate into it.

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