Selected Programs and Scholarships Support Us

Selected Programs and Scholarships

With the goal of empowering the region’s young people toward higher education, career training, and seamless integration into the high-tech workforce, Azrieli College offers several programs to make this happen, customized for various student populations. 

Selected Programs

Hidabrut – Dialogue Program for Arab & Jewish Students

The program enables a healthy exchange and conversation between Arab and Jewish students at Azrieli College. As the college provides equal opportunity to excellence, Hidabrut provides a space for fellow students who live and study within the ecosystem of higher education and technology in Jerusalem to better understand one another and thrive together as engineers in training.

Multi-Cultural Women’s Leadership Program in Engineering and the Sciences

Azrieli College encourages women to study and pursue careers in the fields of engineering and to acquire the tools and knowledge which will assist them in integrating into leading positions in the hi-tech industry in Jerusalem and in Israel. The program instills an awareness of the status of women in Israeli society and to the gender dialogue in Israel, as well as to those who have the ability to advance or hinder women with regard to senior positions and decision-making groups within organizations.

Software Engineering Program for Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Women

The program offers Haredi women the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Engineering and

  • enables them to acquire a viable academic profession;
  • helps them integrate into the professional workforce;
  • mobilizes them to become self-sufficient;
  • cultivates within them a sense of social and communal responsibility;
  • empowers them as women
  • respects and accommodates their cultural and religious needs.


Aviv Program – this scholarship program is intended for students who come from especially low socio-economic backgrounds and enables these young people to attain professional and financial stability. Comprehensive financial aid enables them to remove the financial obstacle which stands in their way, so that they may better focus on their studies and succeed. For these students, the Aviv scholarship is a life-changing gift. The Aviv program provides full tuition scholarship for each year at the college, as well as a monthly living expenses stipend throughout the ten month academic year. Personal tutoring is also available as needed.

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