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Aviv Program – comprehensive support toward self sufficiency

Many young people have the potential for academic and professional excellence but lack the means to finance their education. Azrieli College recognizes the importance of higher education in empowering young adults and closing socioeconomic gaps. Financial aid is a core component to the college and to accessibility to higher education for talented students. Scholarships enable the students to invest in their studies, to strive for personal excellence, and to obtain a viable profession.

Some students need more than partial assistance. The Aviv scholarship program is intended for students who come from especially low socio-economic backgrounds and enables these young people to attain professional and financial stability. Comprehensive  financial aid enables these students to remove financial obstacles, so that they may better focus on their studies and succeed.  For these students, the Aviv scholarship is a life-changing gift. The Aviv program provides full tuition scholarship  for each year at the college, as well as a monthly living expenses stipend throughout the ten-month academic year. Personal tutoring is also available if needed.

Identifying eligible participants happens within their first year.  Participants must maintain passing grades each year. The students participate in a personal interview, and acceptance is determined by a special committee, including the college president. Identities of the participants remain confidential, to avoid any social stigma or special academic treatment.

Approximately 20 students apply for the Aviv program each year.  Five to seven new students are accepted to the Aviv program each academic year.

There are a number of options for supporting the program, such as providing toward scholarships and naming the entire program.

Tax-deductible donations can be made in Israel and abroad.

For more information or to learn about additional departments and projects, please contact Judi Srebro at judisr@jce.ac.il or +972 54 768 1776.

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