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Yaniv Cohen

While studying at the college, together with fellow student Mark Wisblai, I did my final engineering project at Cellcom. Through the project, we developed an inspection system for cellular relay. The system was planned as an inspection and warning system for relays disbursed throughout the cellular network, and this system identifies the nature of the problem and its location. The project received coverage in the academic supplement of Haaretz newspaper.

My studies at the college provided me with the academic tools for integration into continued studies toward advanced degrees in engineering and for advanced research and development in the industry.During in my senior year at the college, I began my studies toward my Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering with specialization in communication at the Technology Institute of Holon.

Simultaneous to my Master’s Degree studies, I worked as a support engineer at Tokyo Electron and Intel, and after that as a system engineer at NDS. Since 2010, I have served as a partner and founder of Imagine 3D, a unique company which specializes in 3D printing of any size and amount without any need for 3D lenses. This includes exclusive development which enables 3D printing through a mobile station in real time. Today, I am writing my thesis on the topic of research on the phenomenon of fading and channel loss within a land satellite communication channel.

Additionally, I am a Founder and Director of Development of PIMS, a company which develops diagnostic medical equipment for discovering and identifying cancer of the digestive system. My achievements include developing an exclusive product for real time identification of purported cancerous tissue, from the idea stage, patents, and clinical trials, through to identifying international biotechnology business development funds and companies.

Since 2012, I have served as a member of ACE Jerusalem’s Board of Governors.

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